Some of you may have had the opportunity to read my Looking Back on 2018, Looking Forward to 2019  post and if so you will have seen that one of the projects I have set myself for this year is to post a different photo from my UK portfolio on each day of the year on my Facebook British Landscapes Photography Page and tweet on my Twitter Account 

We are already on Day 22 of the series so if you don’t want to get too far behind just follow each or both of the links above and it will take you to the latest photo and if you want to catch up just click on #AroundtheUKin365Photos in any post or tweet and you will be able to take a look at all photos to date.

For those that are already joining me on this journey may I take this opportunity to thank you for all the Likes, Shares and Retweets.  I look forward to many more joining us as we go through the year.

Facebook – #AroundtheUKin365Photos

On the Facebook page, the following image is now in the lead with 55 Likes and 4 Shares:-

Reedy Cliff – North Cornwall

The photo from my 2012 photo trip shows an impressive piece of footpath engineering that takes the South West Coast Path in Cornwall down from the heights of Scarnor Point to Reedy Cliff with Downgate Cove hidden below and Kellan Head in the distance.

Since posting the photo I’ve been contacted by the South West Coast Path to see if they could use it to promote their work as the charity that protects the Path.  Having had so many enjoyable walks and photographic experiences on the Path how could I refuse.

Just follow the link to see more of the rollercoaster of England’s Longest Coast Path

Twitter – #AroundtheUKin365Photos

On the Twitter account, one photo as surpassed all others, well at least for Likes and Retweets with 186 and 35 respectively and this is:-

Calanais Standing Stones – Isle of Lewis

Yes, you guessed right this is the Calanais Standing Stones on the Outer Hebrides captured there on my 2008 photo trip.  Situated near the village of Calanais, Isle of Lewis on a ridge of land above Loch Roag, Calanais is one of the more remote stone circles in the British Isles.  The circle consists of a central stone just under five metres in height, surrounded by a circle of thirteen stones.

With still a week in #AroundtheUKin365Photos, or so to go before the end of the month will both these photos still be in the lead OR will your participation make that an all-important change.

Don’t forget you can see all my 2019 plans including how you can help me and have the chance of winning a free print of your choice by visiting Looking Back on 2018, Looking Forward to 2019

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