Autumn Colours

It’s that time of year again when we can all enjoy those wonderful Autumn colours that suddenly appear so I thought I would share with you some of my Autumn images from years gone by.  I’m going to start off with two images captured on Loch Katrine in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park in Scotland.  The first of Ellen’s Isle. I was particularly attracted to the view both for the distant colours highlighted so well against the blues of the water and sky but more so for the foreground swirl of autumn leaves.  Highly romantic in appearance, craggy and wooded, it is the centre of the action of Sir Walter Scott’s Lady of the Lake; and it contained, for some time, a modern sylvan lodge like that described in the poem, decorated with trophies of the chase and fray.

The Trossachs

Ellen’s Isle -Loch Katrine

The second image from Loch Katrine shows the wonderful colours in more detail and creating a nice reflection on the slightly textured surface of the lake. 

Autumn Colours
Loch Katrine

Remaining in Scotland for the next two images we first visit Glen Finglas.  The history of Glen Finglas and its relationship with people goes back thousands of years.  Its most famous period was from the early 1300s to the 1700s when Glen Finglas was possibly the most popular of all royal hunting forests.  David II, Robert II, James I, II, III, IV and V and many important Scottish Earls hunted here.  In particular, James II built a permanent hunting lodge in the glen.  More recently, part of the glen was flooded to create a reservoir.  A tunnel links it to nearby Loch Katrine.  Both provide drinking water to millions of people who live in the city of Glasgow.  When the reservoir was flooded the water covered old hay meadows and farmsteads. The remains of field walls can still be seen during periods of low water level.

Glen Finglas

Our next and last image from Scotland is one that you either like very much or may make you feel dizzy and therefore dislike intensely. It was captured at Boathouse Bay at the end of Loch Ard and the reflections only lasted for a short time and I just couldn’t resist capturing such a symmetrical view with only the boathouse making a break in those eye-catching Autumn colours.

Print of the Month
Loch Ard – Boathouse Bay


For our final Autumn colours image, we move down to Wales and Snowdonia with an image somewhat different to the others this time capturing the wonderful brown of the ferns as they make their last stand before they finally succumb to the colder weather of winter but no doubt springing into life yet again next year.

The Priest’s Path – Snowdonia

The Priest’s Path is on the east side of Nant Ffrancon, so-called as it was supposedly used by priests in days gone by. The Penrhyn Slate Quarries, soon to be part of the North Wales Slate Quarries 2019 World Heritage Site bid, can be seen in the background and beyond the Menai Strait and the Isle of Anglesey.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of the British Autumn colours.

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