Inner Hebrides

Up to date and back on the road again. I hope you found the five year series on my photographic journey both informative and enjoyable.

Planning where and when to visit each year takes some considerable time particularly when you don’t start planning till well into the new year. Maybe from hereon as well as thinking about locations for the rest of this year I should have in the back of my mind next year and into the future.

This year sees the 60th anniversaries of the National Park designation of four of our National Parks those being the Peak District, Lake District, Dartmoor and Snowdonia.

Snowdonia I certainly know the best having spent many happy hours walking in and photographing the landscape. So I have decided that one of my projects for this year when I am back on the road again will be to spend some time photographing each of those parks. I have many images of Snowdonia but some of them are needing refreshing but despite two of the remaining three, Peak District and Lake District are on my doorstep I have never attempted to spend time photographing them. Maybe it’s because they are so busy or too convenient.

Back on the Road Again …

I have decided to start off by visiting Dartmoor via Exmoor and maybe some of North Somerset. Now that I have planned this trip and fine-tuned potential locations I have concluded that I may have got the balance wrong between the time I have planned for Dartmoor compared with the other two areas but we will have to see.

Lake District

I have also booked a week-long photo trip to the Lake District, hoping to have visited before it gets too crowded. Snowdonia and the Peak District I will fit in with the odd day or weekend trip throughout the year.

back on the road again
Loch Eribol – Sutherland

The only other photo trip I have planned up to now will focus on Scotland’s first European GeoPark. The other is the Shetlands which is the first complete island group to join the European and Global Geoparks Networks in September 2009. Whoops, there is another location for my list.

The North West Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark is located in the far north of the Scottish mainland. It starts at The Summer Isles in Wester Ross and continues northwards through west Sutherland to the north coast. The Geopark extends to the east of Durness and beyond Loch Eriboll.

I have visited the area before as the image above of Loch Eriboll shows but on this occasion, amongst other locations, I hopefully intend to get to Cape Wrath which is only accessible by a small ferry and bus/walk.

When I am back on the road again on my way north I intend to spend some time on the Isle of Skye which up until now I have only passed through on my way to the Outer Hebrides which did not give me much time for photographing.

The Cuillin Ridge – Isle of Skye

Well, that takes me to the end of May – phew!! and now considering where else I can visit this year.

If you have any suggestions for photo locations either on the trips I have already mentioned or suggestions for trips to other areas of the country then, by all means, let me know and I will consider them. Also if you just happen to be based in those areas why not drop me a note and maybe we could meet up.

My next update on my journey will be after my trip to Somerset, Exmoor and Dartmoor.

Images from all locations of these photo trips can be found in the Galleries and Print Shop where paper prints, canvases and image downloads can be purchased.

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