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Having used my last British Landscapes Photography website design for over five years and further to my photo road trip hiatus of 2017, which you can read about in Favourite 10 from 10 Years on the Road the new year prompted me to consider whether I should move onto an alternative website design. Well, a decision made you are now visiting its replacement which I hope everyone likes. At the moment there are only nine photo locations available with three each from England, Scotland, and Wales including many favourites like the Lake District, some of the Scottish Islands, and Snowdonia. Many more will be added over the coming weeks including all of our National Parks.

British Landscapes Photography Website Newsletter

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Whilst there are some functions I will miss on the last website there are many advantages to its replacement:-


The website is HTTP Secure. I won’t bore you with all the technicalities of this but it simply means any personal information that you may share with the British Landscapes Photography website is encrypted and therefore more secure, including when making purchases.

New Print Products

Speaking of purchases I am now offering more print products than before. There are still prints, framed prints and canvases but I have now added posters, acrylic blocks and prints together with metal prints, mugs and phone cases all of which can be printed with any photo of your choice from the many available in the print shop. The purchasing is simplified and faster.  Why not give it a try and I hope that you agree.

One of the downsides to moving has been that I have had to manually transfer almost 200 British Landscapes Photography website blog posts which as taken two weeks of “copying and pasting”, watermarking etc but they are now all here and if you are a new visitor it means that if you wish you can catch up on my photographic journey over the last ten years. I would welcome you all making my effort worthwhile by taking a look at the past.

I am sure there any many more advantages that I have yet to discover but hopefully you will find visiting this site as pleasurable as the last.

Print of the Month

Unfortunately despite all the positive news there as to be a downside and that is that I have decided that after six years the British Landscapes Photography website “Print of the Month” offer will be discontinued but I will be regularly having offers available on various print products in the coming weeks and months. Subscribe on the Home page to get full details of any offers.

Feedback Welcomed

Your comments on any of the posts are most welcome including any feedback you may have on this new site. Please Get in Touch.

I look forward to welcoming both existing and new visitors to join me as my photographic journey around the landscapes of the British Isles continues.

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