Over the last few weeks, I have been reviewing my archive from trips over the last few years and have been surprised at the number of images I have come across that I decided at the time not to process and release into my galleries. Images from Scotland, England, and Wales including many more that can now be added to my Intimate Landscapes collection.

Although many photographers workflow tends to follow the practice of discarding unworthy images almost immediately for me having seen the results of my review it is certainly more beneficial to keep all your images for a period of time to ensure that you have always had the opportunity to reconsider the possibilities more carefully before deleting them.


The first image I have decided to share is an image of Llyn Cynwch in Snowdonia captured almost 7 years ago to the day at the same time as one of my most popular images of the same location which is titled “Llyn Cynwch – All Alone”.

‘All Alone” – Llyn Cynwch

The image was captured on my first digital camera a Fuji 6900Z. Llyn Cynwch is near Dolgellau in the Snowdonia National Park and is part of the Nannau Estate.

Did I make the right decision all those years ago by choosing “All Alone”‘ as my favoured image of the location?

Don’t forget to look out for the next image from my archive review.

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