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The launching of the new website has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on how I became involved in landscape photography so I felt it appropriate at this stage to share my experiences with the journey so far.

Journey so Far

Although I have always been attracted to the great outdoors and like to travel, apart from the annual holiday it was not until the turn of the Millennium that I had an opportunity to further my interest on a more regular basis. At that time I started to spend more time in NorthWales and took the opportunity to rekindle my desire for the great outdoors by walking regularly in the area and in particular Snowdonia.

At the time I had two cameras, those being a Praktica Nova 1B, which if I recall correctly was a present for my 21st and a Canon T70 which I purchased in the late eighties. I still have both cameras but they have unfortunately not been used in the last ten years.

Lakes of Snowdonia
Llyn Gwynant

In the new millennium, digital SLR’s were beginning to compete with, and to replace, film cameras both in quality of image and price so the next logical step was to buy a digital camera to take photographs of the great scenery I was lucky enough to see whilst out walking. I acquired a Fuji 6900Z in 2000. Not a DSLR but a bridge camera with a 3.3-megapixel sensor producing a 6-megapixel image with a 35-210mm zoom lens.

Llyn Elsi

All of my earlier images on the journey so far of the Snowdonia area some of which are shown above were taken on this camera. The highlight of this period of my photographic journey was being successful in winning the Snowdonia Society photographic competition in 2005 with my image of the ” The Snowdon Horseshoe” which at the time was a popular purchase by visitors to the site.

The Journey so Far
Snowdon Horseshoe

Late in 2005, I established my first photographic website “Snowdonia Images” to showcase the images I had captured over the previous five years. I still own the domain name which is directed to my subsequent website, more of which I will discuss in my next post when I will highlight the next stage of my photographic journey.

More images from the area can be found in the Snowdonia and North Wales gallery.

I am always interested in hearing others experiences of their journey so please feel free to post those below.

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