Looking back on 2018

Before I start looking back on 2018 can I start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and many thanks for continuing to follow my photographic journey for another year? 

Looking Back on 2018

Looking back on 2018 it was the second year in a row that for many reasons my photography has taken a back seat.  

There were few photo trips so my last one was in Autumn 2016 when completing the North Coast 500 in Scotland.  Some consolation is that the article on that trip has proved to be one of the most read articles I have written.

Again, looking back on 2018 unfortunately, there are no favourite photographs for me to share but you may recall that this time last year I shared my Favourite 10 from 10 Years on the Road and you may care to take a look at those in the absence of anything more recent.

I did manage a couple of day trips including On the Edge at Stanage on one of the windiest days of the year just before Storm Ali. It might look like a sunny summers day in the image below but there were some difficult moments trying to steady me on the edge.

Looking back on 2018
The Hope Valley from Robin Hood’s cave

Let’s quickly move on to my plans for 2019 which hopefully will prove to be more successful than the last two years.

Looking Forward to 2019

Northern Ireland and Ireland Photo Trip

Looking back on 2018 and the last few years I have intended to take a trip to the island of Ireland – my last visit there was in 2000.  

I have never been to Northern Ireland and on this trip, I intend to put that right by following the Causeway Coast from Belfast all the way around the coast into Ireland picking up the Wild Atlantic Way in County Donegal finishing in Kinsale, County Cork.  It will be one of my longest photo trips and I am hoping you will try to keep in touch with my progress on my Facebook page or Twitter.

Around the UK in 365 photos

Starting today on my Facebook page and Twitter I am posting a new image every day where you will be able to see all the amazing locations that I have visited on my photo trips around the British Isles.  Just follow #AroundtheUKin365photos.  Make sure you don’t miss out on this one-off journey.   

Peak District

Some of you may be aware that I live within a short distance of the Peak District and whilst I have travelled and photographed far and wide in the UK I have only made three photo trips into the Peak District.  

Those being – First Steps, Bouldering along Derwent Edge and On the Edge at Stanage   This year I intend to try to put that right by having one photo day trip a month.

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty(AONB’s)

Whilst I have visited all the 15 UK National Parks I have only visited approximately a third of the 47 AONB’s.  

My plan is to try to visit more of these in 2019 including Arnside and Silverdale, Forest of Bowland, Solway Coast, Lincolnshire Wolds and the North Pennines.  


Scotland is one of my favourite locations in the British Isles and I am starting to suffer from withdrawal symptoms so I will have to make every effort to get my fix in 2019.  Two locations I may consider is Argyle and if time and weather permit I might even try to reach Orkney. 


Some of you may have noticed that over the last few months I have been using three different websites including www.britishlandscapesphotography.co.uk which is the one that I have been using for the last seven years.

Looking back on 2018 the two new sites I have been using are www.britishlandscapesphotography.com and www.britishlandscapes.photography. 

The reason I have been doing this is that I felt that the overall design and options of the hosting company on www.britishlandscapesphotography.co.uk were becoming somewhat dated and restrictive.

The newer sites are hosted by different providers and each along with the original site offer differing options – some good and some poor. Like most things in life, none of them offers everything that I am looking for in a perfect website. 

You may think why is he telling me all this and the reason is that in the next few months the subscriptions on the two newer sites are due to expire and I really need to make my mind about which one of the three I am going to continue to use.

So where do you all come into it?  I would appreciate it if you could do is to take a look at the sites and provide feedback to me on your likes or dislikes.  You can provide that by Contacting Me 

I look forward to receiving your help which will be greatly appreciated.

After looking back on 2018 and subsequently planning for 2019 it should keep me busy for the next twelve months.  I look forward to everyone continuing to share my photographic journey around the British Isles.  

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