Singing Sands

Pleased to say that one of my images featuring the “Singing Sands” on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula has been used in a book that has been recently published – Scotland The Best 100 Places. Peter Irvine, bestselling author of “Scotland The Best” has drawn on a lifetime of experience to create a list of 100 best places in Scotland that feature in the independent guide: reflective, magnificent and human places.  As well as expert commentary, all 100 places include selective recommendations of where to walk, eat and sleep nearby.

Singing Sands

Singing Sands
Singing Sands – Ardnamurchan

Singing Sands form a quite stunning beach backed by birch woods.  At low tide, they stretch right across the bay and allow plenty of scope for exploring along the coastline to the right. To make the sands sing shuffle across with either bare feet or shoes. The noise is made by the grains of sand rubbing together and a number of factors are present here which make it possible. The sand grains are completely round and between 0.1 and 0.5mm in diameter, the sand contains silica and has the right level of humidity to generate the low-frequency sound.

It’s a three-mile each way walk to the sands and whilst it is certainly worth the effort but if that’s something you are not prepared for you can always enjoy the experience from the comfort of your home either by buying a print or by visiting your local bookstore and buying the book.

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